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Robotar 3

Robotar 3 is an intelligent, interactive and animated robot that can be a perfect host for any venue. With Robotar 3, you don’t need alt. accounts or expensive and inconvenient out-of-world bots to run your venue. Once rezzed and setup, Robotar 3 is always online doing its job, with no supervision or hassle, but rather in style! Robotar 3 is more feature-packed, configurable, extensible and fine-tuned than ever before!

What are the components of Robotar 3?

Robotar Brain

A linkable prim that provides the intelligence and interactivity

Robotar Brain

Posed Mannequin

A 2-prim mesh male or female human look with many (tens) available poses!

Mesh Female Mannequin v2 - System Skirt Pose 01

Mesh Male Mannequin v2 - Pose 02

Mannequin Fashion

A variety of low-prim full styles and style components to help you style the mannequins to your taste!

Mannequin Animated Eyes

Mannequin Celebrity Skins

Mannequin Flexy Hairs

Mannequin Spotlight

Mannequin Style Jana

Mannequin Style Kareem

Mannequin Style Mirna

Mannequin Style Omar

Are you an experienced or aspiring SL fashion designer?

We have good news for you: You can make money with Robotar 3! We have modeled the Robotar 3 mannequins after the default SL avatar shape. This means the mannequin can wear the SAME skin textures and cloths textures designed for a regular avatar. Also, it can wear the same non-rigged (and some rigged) MESH cloths a regular avatar can wear! To help you get started designing and selling your mannequin fashion, we have prepared a full-perm style template for you.

Mannequin Style Template

What are we working on next?

  1. Plugins for Robotar 3 brain to add many value-added features you are asking for (e.g: a plugin to help find items in a parcel)!
  2. New mannequin poses that are in demand judged by user feedback!
  3. Many many new fashion items either from us or from other fashion designers (to be announced)

What are you waiting for?

– Visit us in Scriptobia store in SL to have a closer look at the Robotar (a link to the store is on the right panel)!

– Click on the images above for links to the corresponding Market Place page for buying them directly!

(The only items not linked to Market Place are the Posed Mannequins, please visit the Scroptobia Store in world to buy them!)

РFor questions, comments, suggestions and Q&A please visit the Facebook page at:

– For support in world, please IM or send a notecard to Maged Wise!

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